I made a few discoveries on my own while pregnant. No one told me these things would happen- I even thought i was abnormal for a while! The truth is…these things are SUPER normal and they happen to some people and not to others. But that is NORMAL.

    We hear so much about postnatal depression or the baby blues, we hardly EVER hear about this. I was anxious the last trimester of my pregnancy. I couldn’t explain it; I just felt jumpy and uncomfortable. I felt lonely, I didn’t want to interact with anyone,  I just wanted to sleep. However, I had the most interrupted sleep EVER. I was unable to really focus and I felt odd a lot of days. This is a topic i feel we need to discuss with our doctors and we need real support man! I would probably have gone on to have postnatal depression IF i did not find support. While I was hard to talk to while pregnant, after having the baby, i got support, i had help and I was able to enjoy my baby. TALK ABOUT FEELING BLUE IF YOU DO, DO NOT IGNORE IT AND DO NOT FEEL ASHAMED ABOUT IT.
    Before i got this fabulous hair, I faced hair loss like never before. YES, this CAN happen while pregnant! It also happens AFTER having the baby. So enjoy your hair and take those vitamins!
    WHY does no one mention that these HURT? And they hurt WORSE while in labor!!!! Oh…that’s probably why no one mentions it…:P Labor’s already a witch, and these exams are added but NECESSARY pain 😀 I didn’t google it either because no one really shows these exams on birthing stories much because they’re all focused on the actual birth !
    Sometimes it lasts more than the 5weeks that ppl say on google…mine lasted 20 weeks..from week 2 (before i knew i was pregnant) to week 22..ahhhh the joy !
  • Some days of the week, you’re just going to be a ball of energy, others, you’ll be in bed 24/7 !

I know i made a list somewhere….i just lost it in this messy ass room. Yeah…my room is messy because (1) i have a baby attached to my hip 24/7 (2) my husbands nieces and nephews are visiting (run here, run there) and (3) i am exhausted. like no joke, i am EXHAUSTED!

So now you know what people won’t tell you…:P Google isn’t your friend btw. BACK AWAY FROM OVER SEARCHING.