When I was a child, my mom told me not to talk to strangers. It wasn’t because strangers were bad people, it was because we didn’t know who they were . My mind was BLOWN away when a young lady approached my table while I was out with my friends and ask to hold my baby. The first thought: ‘ Are you for real?’

This isn’t the first time people ask to hold my baby. As a mother, this is COMPLETELY alarming to me. Why would I hand my precious child to someone I do not know! How do I know you wont turn around and walk away with my child? Where does one even get the idea to walk up to a mom and ask to hold her child. Of course i said NO.

You know what else upsets me ? The fact that my child and every other child is touched on the face by STRANGERS. PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF- no child is public property and we as parent’s do not appreciate their cheeks being pinched by hands that are not clean. Give me a BREAK, do you not learn these things at home ? Are you not taught that it’s not a good idea to touch a baby’s face (they have sensitive skin and lord knows where your hands have been!) or hands (because babies put their hands in their mouths)??? Even if you were not taught all this…THIS IS COMMON sense!


I have been having tough days- my day passes by in a flash. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do. But Alhamdulilah. I know we are never given more than we can bear so things are okay… I can’t really complain Alhamdulilah.  But as any human does…i will say that i am exhausted.

I find myself getting angry over tiny things- the noise of children playing in my TV lounge used to make me happy but now i am annoyed at always finding them drooling over netflix. Its making me think of activities to do with the children but i really need to rid them of their horrid TV addiction. I don’t want my daughter ending up like that either! Argh. Please, don’t expose your babies to the TV or the ipad…they’re HORRIBLE.

God, I need new friends! More mommy friends! Life is reaching a boring phase and i need a mommy friend to hang out with. ..My munchkin just woke up like SUPERWOMAN! End of POST~