She’s finally down for a nap, sweet sweet blog, HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Between being a mom, a daughter in law and a daughter, i’ve had my HANDS FULL. Being a mom is no joke folks, I’ve probably complained before but can’t complain  anymore!

Oh Ha ha ha…she’s waking up…WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


She’s asleep again and my husband is out, finally a few moments for myself!

People used to tell me to get married, then they asked me for ‘good news’ and now i wonder when they’ll volunteer to babysit!

Pregnancy was a pee fest and here, I get PEED on at least 3-4 times a month. I am grateful though. It’s fun to see her little face smiling and enjoying the mess she made even though she doesn’t really understand what exactly she has done. She’s an interesting child, like all children are to their parents.

I find myself busier than ever nowadays. My father in law had a heart attack and we’re all vested in his recovery. Since I’ve been sick myself , i have not entered his room. I am waiting to be germ free before going in.

My other great struggle has been to lose the baby weight. Everything was going well for me except that last week i began to crave odd junk. I even indulged in chocolate and ice cream. This has me worried because I’ve never wanted those things before. I really need to start eating EVEN healthier than before.

I’m also very stubborn when it comes to myself. I refused to change my size in clothes after having the baby. I was a size 10 (that’s a small) prior to the baby but i also fit into 8. I no longer fit into an 8 but do fit into a 10. I will work on shrinking myself to my pre-baby weight but i am upset that its taking me longer than other ppl. However, I am NOT other people and i am so grateful that i have a support system that encourages me to be myself, eat healthy and they remind me that i am ME and it’s ok if it is taking time, at least i am losing! Just pray for me that I continue!  I wouldn’t like to settle into a mom body at this age. I am entirely too young for this!

This year I am worried about Ramadan- I feed my child and i am not sure that i will be able to fast. My husband has forbidden it and I am still negotiating to see if he will let me. His reasoning is that I should put Baby R first, that God is all Merciful, all knowing and All wise… he’s right …

I end here, a mere 450 words into what i want to say because she’s stirring and I know that means ‘go time’. I will be back! I have a feeling that this blog will start to change in content- it gladdens me. I’m so excited to be recording my thoughts on motherhood, child development and crazy ideas!

Before I go, I am sharing a post i put up on facebook today… i don’t want to sound like an anti-moms-day status person, because all i want is people to appreciate their moms, their dads and all those ppl who matter to them MORE. I want moms to know they’re doing AMAZING jobs however they are doing them, in whatever shape they are. I want you to know that moms are to be celebrated daily (fathers too), because damn it, it’s HARD work being a mom.

I had this really weird thought this morning as I rocked my 5 month old to sleep: so mother’s day is over and all I have is a suit to show for it😛 don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my husband’s surprise for me, but that’s it. Life was the same and is the same but no one’s going to remember that while I was getting a facial, I still had to play with baby R! Or that every night and every morning when she wakes up at 3 22am, I play with her for a bit till she’s tired and goes to sleep. Between the play times, diaper changes, readings, feedings and motor+sensory+language development thingie I try to do, if all she does is write me a stupid paragraph on mother’s day ON FACEBOOK and not come say ‘I LOVE YOU’ EVERY day, I will be royally peeved. I deserve LOVE. And not just on mother’s day. Pftt. There aught to be a month at least…Where father’s take charge and mother’s get free Mani pedis.
Sleep regression is NOT COOL people . And then nap times being cut, not cool. Babies are not easy, kudos to ALL mothers – working and not working, stay at home or stay at the in laws, in shape or out of shape… You’re doing WONDERFULLY.

Toodles people!!!