I’m not the most regular when it comes to posting on my social media, and with my new situation I am in, I am definitely on a break. HOWEVER, i was really peeved by a video – and lets face it, a lot of videos anger me, but this one hit a nerve with me this morning.

Before I share it with you, let me just say THIS: a lot of things are wrong with this world, but for a few brief MINUTES, lets focus on *this* issue! Don’t start bringing in Syria, Kashmir, Palestine and the Presidential debates…we KNOW it’s happening. BUT SO IS THIS.

Marry your Rapist – that is the title of the video you have to watch. In it, a Tunisian television presenter suggests a girl marry the man who raped her. Just let that sink in for a few seconds…. ready? DOES THAT NOT SOUND STUPID TO YOU???? (You: a rational person, common sense present, sane, someone educated- not just talking school-wise, but life-wise too)

It sounded SO PREPOSTEROUS  to me! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SUGGEST THAT? Who would GUILT a rape victim like that and try to pin the blame on her? I was TERRIBLY horrified. BUT I NEVER once felt affiliated to this disgraceful presenter even by faith. This was someone with a mentality issue and it was clear to me that he had zero brain cells…period. I mean, what did he learn at school? This mentality is ridiculous; it looked completely influenced from some backward school of thought. ARGH.

Then, I browsed thru the comments section… *face palm* . While most people were busy condemning the dumbass, one comment just stuck out to me like an irregularly shaped comment bubble. screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-10-25-18-pm

This is wrong guys- I feel like people like these need to honestly be educated WITH kindness…but WHY is the whole Muslim world held at fault for everything?

The fact that this video was reported about by a news outlet that is primarily Arab proves that they know that this is something worth mentioning- this is something worth reporting. It is wrong, and anyone with a shred of humanity knows that that was terrible to watch a TV presenter bully this girl and try and blame her. BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION.

These comments attacking the Muslim faith are not uncommon- I have read them for far too long and cast them aside.

I realize that there is a population of corrupt individuals, but is it fair to lump someone like me, whose living at home, quietly and happily and come to tell me that my faith is WRONG ? Is it fair to attack Muslim doctors for their faiths ? The truth is, this has been happening too long and I feel HURT. How do you expect me to brush off 15 years of abuse in the form of snarky comments degrading my faith? I know it’s on a platform where people can say whatever, but is there no end ? We hear it everywhere. Then it popped onto peoples mouths…just look at the people attacking Muslim WOMEN – a COWARDLY ACT in ANY FAITH-  when they are walking around the globe? Why should I believe the ‘Western’ world when they claim progressiveness? Isn’t it ‘your’ type of people attacking ‘my’ type of people ? When did we really become so divided as to label each other as ‘them’ ? SOMEONE STARTED IT BEFORE ME, I am merely writing what i have seen on the news, what I have been exposed to…isn’t it sad? Isn’t it sad to be exposed to such divisiveness – on the basis of faith? race? social status? And it’s sad that it is EVERYWHERE. It is not absent from any place on earth!

Immigration has been a huge topic in many countries around the globe- the fact that many people are unwilling to help others… I’m not talking about dogs, I’m talking HUMANS-  means that we’ve already separated into an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality. And while the world makes excuses that there are evil people hidden amongst the immigrants- tell me, do the evil people roam free with signs around their necks in our daily lives ? The guy at the coffee shop could have stolen a million bucks by committing fraud ! That girl over at whole foods could be planning to do something nasty- HOW WOULD WE KNOW ?

We will never know.

And coming back to the comment made by the woman, where she claims that women are less valuable than dogs to ‘them’… that is true…that is true for some evil PEOPLE out there, REGARDLESS of religion. It is true that men lock up women in cellars and treat them like sub-humans. This doesn’t have a FAITH; this is a sick MENTALITY issue. In the same comment, this woman has insulted a whole multitude of women AND men. Men like my father who never held me back from anything – yes, I had curfews and house rules, but are those wrong??????- and let me be me. I was his rebellious kid, and let me tell you that my rebellion was worse than my brother’s ! He took it all in stride. What about my best friends’ fathers’ who let their daughters become doctors? What about the father who encouraged his daughter to get an education despite being questioned by his village? What about the men who DO stand against abuse? What about THEM ? Some of the men ARE Muslim, and  there are men  who aren’t who do support women… but who said it was ALRIGHT  to create an even bigger divide in a world where we are ALREADY SO HURT and SO divided ?????