I’ve been on a mission to write something substantial, something that touches my soul, your soul and impacts a whole generation…who am i kidding, that isn’t happening at the moment so lets stick to what I have in mind right now. [Use of run on sentence, check.]

And since I was interrupted yesterday after the first paragraph, I forgot what I had in mind. Now i have something completely different in mind. I was awoken by the hired help banging on the door and I couldn’t help but feel terrified as if something had happened downstairs. Turns out, it was nothing and she needed to give me a box from my best friend in another city to take with me abroad. I was irritated and tried to go back to sleep. It was about 9 50 am and I decided it was better to stay up.

So i open up my facebook and I was terrified. If you are like me, you’ve probably liked BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera US, and some other ‘sources of news’ – even if it is buzzfeed. And the news was petrifying. From people a young man getting angry to dinner and attacking two strangers, to a natural disaster in Louisiana that was NOT covered. And then I read of a little girl zip tied to her bed and made to believe her name was ‘Idiot’.  Please tell me where this senseless violence is coming from and how can I stay safe? And I haven’t even gotten to the racial/islamophobic part of the news yet. —> Hang on, here was something on a disabled Pakistani Origin AMERICAN CHILD being made to confess…??

The slaying of Khalid Jabara was intense. This was a Lebanese CHRISTIAN man. This just goes to show a lot of people that it isn’t just Muslim Arabs being attacked- it’s Christian Arabs too. Since when was it ‘Ok’ to do these things? I feel like humanity has regressed and please tell me when we will stop hating!?! Will we ever? What good has it done!?!?!

Oh and then you read about Syria… heart breaking. This is just not how anyone should live.

Are we really living???

What are we going to tell our children ?

Syrian Children  are suffering!!!! Just look at the face of the little boy 😦 I am seriously devastated!