W’s father hasn’t improved much since surgery, and this week it was my turn to fall prey to infection. My infection didn’t hit my tummy or someplace you couldn’t see…it was RIGHT on my face! The left side of my face swelled up to at least 5 times its size! I swear, i thought my face looked like it was wearing a fat suit.

Basically, my dentist detected an infection on a root canal that was badly done apparently and he let it slide. Then he said that he would tackle it after the wedding…so there I was with an infected tooth, wandering around. The day after the visit, i felt weird. The day after that my tooth got EXTREMELY sensitive which didn’t make sense BECAUSE  a root canal renders your tooth insensitive. I was pretty scared. And then I noticed a weird swelling on my cheek. I was taken aback and I thought I was seeing things. By the 3rd day, the swelling and pain were undeniable, and I contacted my friends who were dentists. They recommended antibiotics and told me to keep calm. And then it blew up.

When I woke up the 4th day…oh that was Monday, my face had swelled even more, and my tooth hurt! I contacted my childhood dentist because I sure as hell wasn’t going back to the dentist who left me with an infection!He took a look at my face and my gums and was like…Ummmmmmm, i can’t do anything. You have to take antibiotics and hope pus comes out because that is one heck of an infection!

On Tuesday, I had to go to the hospital because LO an BEHOLD My face swelled up MAJORLY. By this point, my eye was closing rapidly because of the swelling. People were turning around to notice my fat face! When I got to the hospital, the doctors took me to see the vice principal of dentistry and he recommended I get my swelling drained because it was probably full of pus. 4 shots and two dentists later…I still had a swollen face but i did feel a bit better. The miracle was that the ‘dentists’ working on me were residents; young guys but with a gentle hand!I left pretty satisfied…but then again…I was pretty worried too…24 days to my wedding and I looked…well there’s no other word than terrifying.

It’s the day after my dental surgery and the swelling has gone down SIGNIFICANTLY. I would totally share pictures but…butttttt it’s better I don’t. I deleted them anyway. I can’t believe the last 4 days of my life… the drastic change in my face and the immense amount of panic I felt.

Has anything like this happened to any of you!?!??!?!!?!?!