W had mentioned he watches bollywood movies shamelessly. I was pretty amazed at an open admission to it- every ‘man’ I had ever met here admitted to the typical hollywood movies. On this special night (please read: boring) I fluffed up my pillows, stared at the screen, einee-meenied my way thru a list of bolly films and finally settled on one called ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’. I will admit that i KNEW the actors in this movie would suck, but i thought the costumes would give me insight into what ‘traditional’ was.

Truthfully, I cried through some of the movie. Parts of it were so stupid, I just had to cry. Who wrecks their saaris playing football? Hated all the music in this movie, I have nothing positive or negative to say, and my only observation was that Salman Khan was one tiny head on a massive body- it looks surreal. OH WAIT…isn’t Sonam Kapoor old enough to be Salman’s kid ?? WHY pair her up with him!?!?! WHY?!?! Please tell me no one sees Salman Khan as cute? How is this guy an actor??

Anyway… Bollywood films have potential but this one was unreal. I know I’ve seen a good Bollyfilm…’Huwa Hawai’ was one. As was ‘A Wednesday’.

My own bollyfilm is playing out; I’m constantly writing the script… ARE YOU READING THIS ??? BECAUSE, YOU’RE GONNA KNOW THE ENDING WHEN I FINISH! In sha Allah 🙂 So Like, YEAH. READ on babies!

I should be enjoying the time between NOW and the wedding, but truthfully- it’s been a really hectic time. It’s not just the amount of work, it’s been the other stresses that get to me. Odd friends, weirdo family members. Are these people for real? Planning for a wedding has its downfalls- there are days I feel extremely lonely. Mama is the only constant and I am super grateful. However, sometimes you need a friend whose a little closer in age who you can joke with on a more immature level.

It’s difficult when everyone works or is away…why!Khair, I am still grateful. Alhamdulilah. I hope I see people at the wedding…!!!