I had previously decided that my make up was going to be done at Ather Shahzad… and somewhere in the middle, I decided I just couldn’t… I couldn’t spend so much money on make up.  I began to search for the salon that would offer a fantastic look without costing me a fortune. And that’s when I realized…I should probably open a salon because I CAN MAKE PEOPLE LOOK GORGEOUS! I can!! Why can’t I do my own make up eh? ANYWAY, the benefits of doing my own make up didn’t really add up for me because I didn’t have the right lights and I wanted to relax and get my hair done etc. So once again, I opted for Ather Shahzad because YES I have had my face done there…what I didn’t expect was the fact that the rates had increased. SHIT.

To say that I was ticked off would be an understatement. This ridiculous, fluctuating rate of make up – that by the way, you aren’t taking home- IS STUPID. But because I had shopped around and I knew what I wanted, I went ahead and booked and had a word with the people at Ather Shahzad. Yes, you can negotiate the rates a bit, but…what’s the point…you’re still being fleeced. And I have blogged about this before but now that i’ve booked it…I do feel kind of stupid. I feel KIND OF STOOPID…But then again, I don’t,because I didn’t opt for the 136k priced bridal package, nor did I opt for the 95k one, or the 85k… I opted for something within range…but for 2 days, i DO FEEL…like this money will go down the sink. I feel my heart sinking, I do. I’m considering calling the salon tomorrow. I bet a lot of brides go thru this to be honest.  And lets get one thing straight- there are very few make up artists; eventually everyone at a particular salon IS TRAINED by someone above them to achieve a certain look that the salon can stand by, ALSO you’re NOT TAKING THE PRODUCTS home… You get the face and then you have to stay in it for the whole day. Damn. NOT only that, who does the touch ups when you leave the salon ? So a minuscule amount of product is applied to your face and then you leave.

I saw a blog on the ExpressTribune expressing the sentiments of a friend of the bride…guys, it IS REALLY stressful… Read about paying up to Rs.66K for makeup here . Everyone wants to look PHENOMENAL on their wedding day. I know I do, but even though I haven’t signed up for the most expensive package or the one that costs half a lakh, I still feel guilty. I could have used the money for something else. I gotta go back and SAVE my MONEY. I mean it SHOULD NOT COST YOU A FORTUNE TO LOOK FANTASTIC!! In SHA ALLAH, YOU WILL LOOK GREAT BECAUSE YOU’RE COMPLETING HALF YOUR DEEN AND YOU’RE HAPPY…

Make up helps, but it doesn’t work miracles. Be involved. Bring your samples of what up want… be BOLD. Be bright. Be YOU. And by the way, if bold isn’t you…be LIGHT. Be airy. I want to go bold, personally. I want a Saleha Abbasi type look…seen her work? Saleha creates fabulous looks ! Make sure you think about your hair AS WELL!!!!! Your hair is just as important as your face because it brings the whole look together. I think i chose Ather because I knew I needed help with the hair too…I also know how to do hair but I mean, after exhausting your energy on make up, how do you expect to do hair…the good news is that for my own dholki…if there is one (still unsure) I can definitely do my own hair and make up 🙂

AND THAT IS IT FOR TONIGHT…until next time in sha Allah!