It’s a Taylor Swift kinda night – WHO KNEW!!! But i’ll take it. Some day, when I revisit this particular post, i’ll congratulate myself on my composure and my calmness. 39 days to wedded bliss and I discover I my karighar hasn’t even started my bridal joraa. That’s right folks…I’m dress-less. I DO have a back up though sooooo…. the only thing is that I doubt my wedding jewelry for my main baraat dress will match my back up dress sooooo….

It’s incredible that I haven’t collapsed into a fit of tears yet. Good job ME.

Oh Shit. I just saw my first mosquito of the season. I hate mosquitos.

MOVING on, will someone tell me what the hell the issue is with the Salon people in this country? No one can give you a bloody price unless you VISIT them…what is with the secrecy?! Eventually Salons would divulge their charges via Inbox but I had a nasty little experience with Amina Raja. I enquired about a grooming class they were offering and blatantly asked them what the big secret was and that not everyone could come to the salon to just enquire about the course[Ā Amina Raja’s Grooming courseĀ ] . My comment was promptly deleted as was the comment of another young lady who said she agreed with me. I opened my inbox to read a reply from the salon – which they also deleted- which had me in fits of laughter.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.47.42 PMDecorum eh… I DID inbox them for the charges, which are BY THE WAY 50K , and yes i was told, but needless to say, i was quite put off by their ridiculous reply.

Why do people spend amazing quantities of money for MAKE UP. Make up you will wash away in several hours. Amina Raja charges a whooping 95k for Barat and 85K for Walima; Mariam Khwaja = 1lakh for barat, 98k for walima; Shahzad Raza = 125k to do your face and 95k to do your eye make up. Bye bye money šŸ™‚

Coincidentally, my make up is being done at Ather Shahzad. Don’t say it. They told me IT WAS MY DAY…not OUR day, MY DAY. MEEEEEEE. But whats the point of booking my salon when I have no freaking DRESS. GIVE ME MY DRESS KARIGHAR!!!!!!!!!

I went to this wedding and I came out of it a changed woman…what style, what make up, what QUESTIONS…someone asked me ‘How much do you like your fiance?’ Like…is there a way to really quantify that??Needless to say, I did tell W, he was all like…what kinda questions do you women ask each other??

Seriously, women do ask funny questions. Can’t say I am not enjoying it now!

People keep asking me how I feel about this ‘arranged deal’. I can understand- the trend had changed and I too believed I would find someone on my own and he would ride on horseback to my house and make his intentions clear. That chapter of my life closed, I opted…er, was rather just introduced to the arranged way, and it is NOT SO BAD. I would appreciate it if some people would stop making an arranged marriage seem like a traumatic affair and a big deal. It happens. It was shocking for me, but i’ve settled into the idea. Move on people.

W is not some freak, and we do talk. Not often, not even very much, but we have cleared up certain things between us. W doesn’t come with a money back guarantee, just like that guy you’ve known for ages doesn’t either- and its true that you’ll never know someone until you live with them.

I am nervous, but I think W is too. The fact that our families do have a link somewhere in the back means that he has to maintain a very cordial relationship- the same goes for me. Being in the same field as my father, he doesn’t have it that great either. It means that daddy got my back man šŸ˜›

The idea of marriage itself is scary. What are you going to do…what will life be once you move in with someone else? Will you get enough space to breathe? Will you two get along after the wedding parties…after the honeymoon? Why can’t you just live at home and he moves in with you!!?

The anxiety hasn’t completely died down for me, but I am warming up to the idea slowly…I mean, there are only 39 days to the wedding(in sha Allah), can’t do much now šŸ™‚