I’ve finally agreed to the most awaited moment of my life *cue romantic music here* and said yes. Well, before I had the chance to say yes, my parents said yes and duly informed me that the deed was done and that really, I had to trust them because by this time, I had no choice. So of course I said yes. Never mind that it was after-the-fact… I said YES and that’s all that counts. Actually, I said YES way after my engagement… I said ‘yes’ when i finally started to realize that this might not be so bad.

Getting engaged has opened a new door for some interesting comments and questions. I posted the following to my Facebook and am just sharing this on here because my beautiful friend Jehan told me I should blog it 😛! So here i am, on a new device i do not know how to use…enjoy.

1. ‘I was so shocked to hear you got engaged!’ … Ummm…why? Are you saying that in a good way or what? I hope you know that this is not an appropriate thing to say! No newly engaged person should have to hear it…Just because I am not a bitter person, i will take it in stride. I mean, it’s ok, I was shocked at my own engagement too- not because i didn’t think it wouldn’t happen, but because of the circumstances it happened in.
2. ‘Congratulations… Did you get engaged because your parents told you to?’ …. Truthfully, they didn’t even ask me, it sorta just happened.

3. ‘Are you happy?’  How am I supposed to express it to you…?I’d do a cartwheel but I don’t know if it would entertain anyone enough. This is a weird question for me to answer!

4. ‘Are your in laws nice?’  I am so sure my parents hate me enough to want me to be miserable *rolls eyes*.

5. ‘You know…you should relax…even though you’re so late getting everything done, who knows if it will happen or not but trust in Allah!’ That statement didn’t offer me an ounce of comfort FYI.
6. ‘I am happy for you but does your fiance have single friends for XYZs sister’ … I am looking and will pair people accordingly in sha Allah. Let me just talk to my fiance and find out please…!!!
7. ‘You only get married once so…’ And generally this statement is used with ‘spend as much as you want’… Here’s the thing, I am not looking to start a marriage in financial ruin. Thanks though! Budgets I have set on myself MUST be followed and I think in sha Allah, everything will go well. I want a wedding NOT A TAMASHA! My concern is how to live after the wedding. Will I adjust? Will he adjust to me? Will we understand each other ? How will we make it work!?!?!?! Those are such important questions guys … not the dress, the photographer, the salon… these things matter for 3 days…and then I get to go home with a new person after all of you get to party!