He didn’t seem like the man I wanted at all. Still isn’t what I imagined. Has the right schooling…the prestigious all boys school, an alright university education. At least he has his Masters. Humble background – surprising.
But…he’s beginning to feel like Home. In the few conversations, he’s always been respectful, he’s tried to be friendly without being freaky. He’s been different. Very different. And I don’t know whether to laugh or to stay silent.
I’m quiet. He knows so much about me, I’m surprised. The power of observation?
He noticed my hands, my eyes and my nose. And it made me laugh. It was laughter tinged in a blue tone but it was laughter none the less.
This is a joke man.
Can it really be happening so quickly? I’m shocked to be honest…not because this was bound to happen, but because it happened exactly like it should have.
I’ve walked through so much. I got peace. For real. Peace. In sha Allah.