Buried treasure


I lay in bed longer than necessary. That feeling of incredible strength and vulnerability- two very different but powerful emotions- coursing through me like an electric current. I seldom allowed myself to look back, and sometimes it happens subconsciously but it’s funny! I unearthed buried treasure the other day…a letter I had written to myself – well actually it was only a paragraph long and it was in my wallet. Funnily, it mentions people I have to pray for. Why isn’t my own name up there …? When exactly did I forget to pray for myself?

There’s strength in loving yourself that I believe we sometimes forget. We’re so focused on everything and anything other than US. Ourselves. And then there are others that just can’t seem to see past the edge of their own noses. They lose the idea of others while looking for themselves in everyone. Jeez. It’s hard eh?


Narrow alley.

I love the quaint, little passages. I have roamed the streets and found it liberating. And in the midst of the city, I found lots of buried treasures…at least for me!




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