The mind is a very dangerous place to be in when you’re alone or in bad company. My mind has been reeling from the revelation that I don’t know what is good for me anymore.

I had a conversation with the devil the other day, and for once, he was candid and honest. He told me of mistakes that  humans commonly made and the role he played in them. He described in great detail the psychology of ‘Love’ and how he twisted things around. No one just falls in love at first step. They develop an infatuation and they fall in
love with an idea. Ideas can be shattered or reinforced. Once you talk to someone, that’s when you find out who they are. And initially, things seem to be going well and they might continue going well if the person has been honest the whole time. If not, it might slide off the tracks and go no where. The key is to expect nothing.

How does one do that anyways? How do you not expect anything from people? Common courtesy? An intelligent way of declining or accepting…? The devil says we have changed…our generation is impatient, unwilling to compromise, stubborn on our own ideas, thoughts and personal philosophy. There are the few who are willing to learn, but unless they have strong personalities, they get duped more often than not. Why did we get this way… So rigid? So absolutely inflexible?

I’ve certainly felt angsty about deciding on certain things. I’ve jumped into situations too rapidly before and now I’m all about taking my time. I need to feel secure with myself…and its a work in progress. I thought I could find someone who would bring out the best in me, who could show me peace in a world riddled in confusion. I’ve never felt more Ill at ease to be honest. My vision is of peace. I need peace.

The devil certainly stirred up my pot. But that’s what he’s made for…to stir up the pot.