I’d been told to write, to let it out.

I had nothing to say; I had made my peace. I protested with Silence. And then Silence began to haunt me.

‘You don’t even like me,’ she whispered. ‘ Am I the only one who hugs you at night? I know I am, I don’t see or hear anyone else!’

I used to believe Silence and i were friends; I used to count on her to bring Peace and Tranquility to our get togethers. Generally Tranquility would rub my shoulders and massage my back, while Peace would soothe me with guided meditation.

She had changed; her new company influenced her. She no longer looked the same. Her radiant glow has been replaced by a dark shadow.

Fear, Anger and Disappointment trail Silence like dogs. They were frequently accompanied by that bitch, Sarcastica. I am almost always bullied. My Memory tried to ignore their taunting, but it is Silence who screamed at me with a passion. It’s almost as if I had done something to her…it sounds crazy, but who else do I blame? Why has she decided to change so quickly? I didn’t have an answer until Time came to comfort me.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, wiped the tears from my eyes and reminded me that this too would pass. Silence and I were on a journey together- both rebelling, both guilty of falling in too deep into a mess that we had control over but chose to hand the reigns to others. Silence was just as upset as I was. Her company had been destructive because she had tapped into negative energy.

‘It can’t be,’ I whispered to Time, ‘I had soothed my heart, I was fine!’

‘Oh Child! If you were alright, why did you keep looking behind? If you truly had let go, then why spend your words, your tears, your hopes on something that was never meant to be?’

Time kissed my forehead and began to run. Initially, I couldn’t keep up. Time was too fast and I was so restless that I couldn’t focus on what to do, how to keep up.

I surrounded myself with the hot sun, the chirping birds, my chatty friends. I soaked in the laughter, I bathed in the positivity of others while my own energy made her way to the surface of my soul.

Silence and I meet again, in this very room. She has calmed down. Her face lights up. Today, she brought Peace and Tranquility. I know she still hangs around with the others. Phases don’t just come to an abrupt halt, they tend to fizzle out slowly. At least, that is what Silence says. She says that sometimes she considers bringing over her darker friends but they no longer seem to want to come because their taunting will no longer hurt. I remark that her friends aren’t exactly the nicest, to which she says, ‘Life isn’t just the sunny skies; it gets cloudy up there too. There wont always be positivity gushing forth, there will be negativity making you squirm. Your friends will change, you’ll change, I’ll change…we’ll keep changing and so will our moods, our company- and then everything will collide like a bunch of protons and electrons in a Swiss lab…’

I have no idea what Silence is going on about. All I can think of is Time’s embrace and his whisper echoes somewhere in head, ‘this too shall pass.’